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  • Every Yu Sheng set comes in a Japanese wooden gift box which is wrapped in a lovely Japanese bento box cloth
  • The gift box has a see through top and is sure to be the highlight centrepiece for all CNY gatherings



  • Salmon Slices
  • Salted Sakura Blossoms
  • Pink Japanese Daikon slices
  • Carrot Strips
  • White Daikon strips
  • Honey Pomelo

8 traditional Japanese pickles (Tsukemono)

  • Pickled Yuzu
  • Pickled Cucumber (Kyuri zuke)
  • Yellow Radish (Takuan)
  • Scallions (Rakkyo)
  • Red Pickled Ginger (Beni Shoga)
  • Golden Mushroom (Enoki)
  • Wild vegetable (Sansai)
  • Radish (Fukujinzuke)

8 garnishes & sauces:

Sakura blossom dressing

Sakura honey

Ume honey

Ponzu vinegar

Ikura roe

Roasted sesame

Crispy salmon skin

Roasted Japanese peanuts

Salmon Yu Sheng

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