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About Tora Tora Tora

Japanese Restaurant Singapore: Inspired by the famous Japanese drinking game of the same name, Tora Tora Tora is Singapore’s best Japanese Seafood & Sake Bar located in the East Side.

Specialising in the freshest Sashimi & Sushi, mouth-watering Izakaya Classics, popular Charcoal Grilled Signatures and a wide collection of Sakes & Whiskies, our rooftop, open kitchen and bar concept will transport you to the bustling, vibrant streets of Japan. 


Calling all authentic lovers of Japanese cuisine & alcohol. Let us take your tastebuds on a playful journey to Japan!

japanese restaurant singapore sushi platter
Sumiyaki Cuisine

Sumiyaki translates to Charcoal Grilled, and in addition to our fresh Sashimi & Sushi options, Tora Tora Tora brings you a selection of authentic Japanese charcoal grilled favourites located in our modern Izakaya.


Our chef masterfully prepares high quality and affordable ingredients over a special charcoal grill - the best way to extract all the amazing, unmistakable bursts of smoky, umami flavours. There’s no taste quite as comparable! 

Japanese Sake & Whiskey Selection

Inspired by the vibrant Izakayas of Japan, Tora Tora Tora boasts a stunning selection of >1.5K collection of Japanese Sake & Whisky, specially curated and peppered throughout our restaurant space (including our magical Sake Wall)! You’re bound to find a flavour that will pique your interest! 


Visit our Seafood & Sake Bar, select your poison of choice, and settle into our bustling, lively Izakaya ambience with your favourite company!

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